"Black Forest Love Songs"
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"My poems explore the Midwest and
the world that I inhabit as a woman, author, wife, mother, daughter,
sister and nurse."

-Paula Sergi


Writing reaches what is human in all of us and facilitates the impulse to share. Through my writing and lecturing, my readings and workshops, I cultivate the spirit of exchange, the sharing of ideas.

Writing has helped me frame an understanding of what drew me to the nursing profession and led me to realize that my two careers share many characteristics. Both rely on the skill of trained observation, both deal with nature -- including mortality -- and both depend on revision -- seeing with new eyes. As writer, teacher, and nurse, I offer a creative response to the human experience. I write towards self-knowledge and professional discernment and I invite the voices of other to join me.

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Black Forest Love Songs" - HERE (available May 2012)
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Book Review (by David Graham): Love in all its moods and seasons stands at the center of Paula Sergi's Black Forest Love Songs, her strongest collection yet.  This sumptuous suite ranges from small town Wisconsin to the German forest of the title poem, with stops in California, Alaska, Oregon, and elsewhere, including the fields of dream. Read More >>>

READ a few of Paula's Poems from "Black Forest Love Songs"
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Her creative non-fiction and poetry is featured in "Through a Glass Darkly: Americans see themselves from abroad." Wising Up Press. Click Here.